Nursing Research in Evidence-Based Practice

Being able to identify proper research literature is primary to developing your end of program capstone project.


Access Argosy’s electronic library databases and conduct a search for nursing research literature that is relevant to your anticipated capstone focus. Develop an annotated bibliography of this literature and identify two research articles, one qualitative and one quantitative, that are specific to your capstone focus.

  1. The annotated bibliography should consist of no fewer than 10 research articles and should broadly represent the literature available that is related to your capstone focus.
  2. Select one article that is a report of qualitative nursing research and one article that is a report of quantitative nursing research.
  3. Analyze and state the differences between the two chosen articles using the listed components on the Research Article Analysis form provided (i.e., problem statement, purpose, research objectives).
  4. Your final product should include the annotated bibliography, a completed Research Article Analysis Form, and a narrative (1–2 pages) in which you differentiate between the two types of research and explain the importance of both types in evidence-based nursing practice.

Note: For the annotative bibliography, the 10 articles need to be listed in alphabetical order and all key ideas need to be summarized and evaluated. Articles used for the Research Article Analysis Form should be clearly identified using APA format and including the database source.

Support your findings with examples and scholarly references. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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