Health Life Questions

1. In Chapter 5, you were given a wealth of knowledge about food and nutrition. Thinking about your daily food and drink choices, what are some patterns that are BENEFICIAL to your health, allowing you to get as many nutrients as possible. What patterns are not helpful, resulting in “empty calories” instead of nutrient-dense foods? Finally, evaluate what foods/drinks you’d ideally like to cut out AND foods/drinks you’d like to eat more of to have a more balanced diet. (Note: Take some ideas from your Analyze Your Diet paper – but don’t copy/paste).

2. For this question, I want you to share some healthy drink, meal, and/or snack recipes that you have found to be full of the major food groups and healthy AS WELL AS delicious! You can include links to websites that have the full recipes to save on space. Example (REMOVE my example when you copy/paste your answers): Every day I have a veggie/fruit smoothie that isn’t as sweet as Jamba Juice (darn!) but a LOT healthier. Recipe: 1 small banana, 2-3 cups of spinach, berries, Fage 2% greek yogurt, vanilla soy milk – blend! It’s filling and full of fruits and veggies! I add Greek yogurt to get some protein in. I like Fage 2% because it’s low in sugar and has fat and protein (each meal should be balanced with protein, fat, and carbs – ignore the idea of NO CARB or FAT FREE – incredibly unhealthy – though fruits and veggies (including beans) are better carbs than all grains for your carbs!)

3. When you think about dieting and losing weight in America, what comes to mind? Think broadly beyond the textbook – TV shows, advertisements, doctor’s recommendations. What have you heard works? What have you heard that doesn’t work? Finally, what are some recommendations your textbook made about keeping and maintaining a healthy weight? (Again, take some ideas from your paper).

4. Think about the social relationships you have and how each relationship deals with food. When you were growing up, what kinds of food and drinks were you given? Was food part of any family or cultural traditions? How do your family members feel about food? When you’re with friends or romantic partners, are food and drinks part of hanging out? Discuss how patterns of eating and drinking with family members, friends, and/or romantic partners have shaped your own nutrition beliefs in both positive and/or negative ways.

5. Describe the type of exercising you’ve done in your life. Have you been involved with sports? What was your view on P.E. (Gym) class growing up? As an adult, how important is exercise in your life? If you had any advice to give people that have a difficult exercising or getting motivation to exercise, what would you tell them?

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