GUS 0821 Temple University: Georeferencing and Coordinate Systems


  • What are the different formats? What do they mean? See the link below for help.
  • Find the latitude and longitude expressed in both notation systems for four locations of your choosing. One should be north of the equator and east of the Prime Meridian, one north of the equator and west of the prime meridian, one south and west, one south and east). Zoom in and out in the map and find locations (either randomly or based on your curiosity), anything you find interesting and report that location’s coordinates.…

The Zero Milepost in Washington, DC (north of equator, west of prime meridian)

Coordinates: 38.8951226,-77.0365565

Degrees DMS: N38°53’42.411”, W77°2’11.603”

In this case the 38.89 is a north latitude and 77.03 is a west longitude.

We are converting – these are the same coordinates – we are just using a different location.

Add your 4 locations here in both notion systems: You should have no problem finding them using the itouchmap website. Remember different locations for each hemisphere.

Deliverable for Part B (responses should be inserted immediately below this list):

  • Note the coordinates of the location you have picked in the formats listed above (below)
  • Explain what these different notations and formats are (DD.DDDDDD°, DD°MM.MMM, DD°MM’SS.S”).It will be helpful to think of this in terms of decimal degrees vs DMS. If you aren’t clear on the distinction, enter both in a google search (or review the lecture or go here: or, for a more detailed look, try Wikipedia: Is the information they contain identical or different for each one?
  • Explain what latitude and longitude are. What precisely are you expressing with these numbers for long/lat?

Include your responses in this space.


Insert your own converted coordinates (you can use your current location from part B) by using the World Coordinate Converter:

GPS (WGS84) (deg):

AGD 66:

ED 1950:


Are the coordinates the same or different? Explain how and why in a few sentences. What does our lecture about ellipsoids and the shape of the earth have to do with these slight changes?

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